OVE.com Relationship

Dealer Car Search is one of the only companies that empowers you to seamlessly wholesale and retail simultaneously! We have the best OVE posting tool in the automotive industry.

Our OVE posting tool can post your dealership’s complete inventory to the nation’s leading wholesale site, with the click of one button. No more cumbersome uploads to OVE.

Posting cars to OVE is essential in keeping your inventory and capital flowing. Moreover, it is beneficial to your dealership in two ways. First, it allows you to liquidate aged units to other dealers without taking them back to auction and losing hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Secondly, OVE will quickly become an additional profit center for your dealership. Our system is the only one that includes MMR functionality ensuring your postings meet OVE’s priced right policy. We make posting to OVE fast, easy, and profitable.

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